About MW Jones & Company

MW JONES & COMPANY INC is a leading strategic advisory firm supporting commercial clients in aerospace, defense and industrials (ADI). We partner with Boards of Directors, corporate executive teams and financial investors to help solve complex issues vital to strategic intent, national security and shareholder returns.

The MW JONES & COMPANY team is composed of consultants with decades of experience serving our focus markets. Our core team is supported by a broader circle of Industry Advisors who have  expertise gained as corporate executives within the aerospace, defense and industrials markets.

Three platforms, (1) Strategy, (2) Competitive Positioning and (3) Value-from-Data, house a comprehensive set of service offerings that interplay to create a tailored “end-game”. Each “end-game” is designed specifically to capitalize on a client’s unique market and competitive positioning to maximize value capture.

The breadth and depth of these service offerings provide our clients with pragmatic, objective and fact-based strategies to increase growth, accelerate value-capture, improve competitiveness and build sustainable cost structures.  At the core of each, is a foundation built on multi-disciplinary skills, innovative thinking, in-depth industry expertise, analytical rigor and judgement which translates into demonstrable and sustainable results.