MW JONES & COMPANY supports a wide range of engagements designed to provide strategy, competitive positioning and value-from-data to defense clients.  We have the requisite experience and industry knowledge to perform work and advise clients across these segments.

The defense sector includes companies which provide research, design, manufacturing, maintenance and related services to military equipment and systems.

Land-based Platforms – We advise clients with the traditional wheeled and tracked vehicle platforms but also those with other land-based platforms like air and missile defense systems.

Sea-based Platforms – We work with OEMs and their component sub-providers developing sea-based military platforms including surface combatants, submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibious vessels and support ships, as well as unmanned surface and undersea platforms.

Aerospace Platforms – We provide counsel on the military application of broader aerospace assets, including fixed wing and rotary aircraft (both manned and unmanned), space rockets and military satellites.

Ordnance and Armaments – We support clients in this sub-sector working with missiles, torpedoes, small arms and other explosives manufacturers as well as nuclear weapons and their delivery systems.

Electronic Systems – We work with companies who develop both defensive and offensive electronic systems, as well as other C4ISR capabilities.

Defense Services – We advise companies providing a broad set of other defense services including information technology and data systems, logistics, simulations and training.

Representative Engagements

MW JONES & COMPANY has supported a wide range of client engagements across the Defense industry, including:

Analyzed market trends, competitive positioning and buying behaviors within the Department of Defense (DoD) and internationally, resulting in a centers-of-excellence cost structure focused on a major tracked-vehicle prime’s components and systems

Designed and implemented a “Design for Affordability” (DfA) cost restructuring program to demonstrably reduce indirect and direct costs for a major OEM supplier of submarines

Designed and implemented a “Design for Affordability” (DfA) cost restructuring program to palpably reduce Total Ownership Costs (TOC) through cost reductions in Operations & Maintenance (O&M) for deployed submarines

Developed a cost restructuring strategy to reduce costs for a major international OEM supplier of destroyers

Orchestrated a major post-merger integration plan to reduce the combined cost structure for two major space launch providers in the formation of a new joint venture

Planned and executed a cost repositioning strategy focused on indirect and direct costs associated with the U.S. strategic weapons production network

Evaluated the value chains of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and high-energy laser markets to discern competitive positioning, value creation opportunities and the potential to leverage existing organic capabilities and technology investments to create competitive advantages in these two emerging markets

Some experience highlighted above is based upon work performed by the principals prior to establishing MW JONES & COMPANY INC