Competitive Positioning

MW JONES & COMPANY works with boards of directors, executive leadership teams and private equity clients to design and implement major transformations to enhance competitive positioning across the industries we serve. A sample of our Competitive Positioning service offerings, include:

Low Rate Production (LRP) Strategies – Develop and implement a fact-based, objective driven change program to get ahead of a precipitous decline in future demand.

Design for Affordability (DfA) – Develop and implement a transformation program to achieve an affordable cost envelope by optimizing the technical design for total ownership costs − both acquisition and operating cost.

Design for Readiness (DfR) – Ascertain and build the requisite capabilities needed to successfully deploy and scale highly engineered products. Design and implement a transformation program to retire risks and increase the certainty of success. Risks evaluated often include design maturity, design for manufacturing and assembly, design for test, human capital planning, facility expansion, capital allocation and supply base readiness.

Post-Merger Integration (PMI) – Develop the value creation thesis for a planned merger, acquisition and/or joint venture; Design and implement a transformation program to achieve the desired results.

Representative Engagements

MW JONES & COMPANY principals have been the driving force behind dozens of major transformations across the industries we serve

Developed an optimal cost structure for an international supplier of military ships, including direct and indirect costs across labor and material to dramatically improve backlog

Designed, built and executed multi-year cost transformations with various prime contractors faced with declining volumes and/or competitive pricing, e.g., Aegis destroyers, nuclear submarines, attack helicopters and fixed wing fighter aircraft

Designed and implemented an innovative “Design for Affordability” (DfA) cost reduction program for the Virginia Class Submarine (VCS) to significantly reduce acquisition costs and construction cycle times on Block III boats

Designed and implemented an innovative DfA cost reduction program for the VCS, fast attack submarines, to significantly reduce total ownership costs (TOC) through reduced depot availabilities on Block IV boats

Assessed several new program starts to ascertain the design maturity, the prototype plans, the design readiness for construction start, the extended supply base, facilities and capital allocation plans, as well as, human capital support plans, including training and development

Designed and implemented an innovative cost restructuring program to establish “single-site economics” across two major nuclear weapons production sites with the DOE/NNSA complex to significantly reduce future Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs

Designed and implemented a major post-merger integration plan that dramatically reduced the combined cost structure of two major OEMs for U.S. National Security space launch vehicles

Some experience highlighted above is based upon work performed by the Principals prior to establishing MW JONES & COMPANY INC