MW JONES & COMPANY supports a wide range of engagements designed to provide strategy, competitive positioning and value-from-data to aerospace clients.  We have the requisite experience and industry knowledge to perform work and advise clients across these segments.

The aerospace sector includes companies that research, design, manufacture, operate or maintain aircraft and spacecraft.  While there are some companies that are clearly distinct, aerospace companies often have overlap between their commercial and military businesses.

Aircraft Manufacturers – We serve companies that design and manufacture passenger and freight aircraft, including manufacturers of aircraft parts, components and subsystems.

Commercial Airlines – We work with aerospace companies that provide passenger and freight transportation services.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Services –  We support MROs whether the services are performed by aircraft manufacturers, their suppliers, commercial airlines or specialized service providers.

Commercial Space Launch – We assist private sector clients and public-private partnerships conducting commercial space transportation activities to include those developing launch vehicles and those providing services to private launch operations.

Satellite Manufacturers – We support clients to analyze the entirety of the satellite industry value chain and work with them on the design and manufacture of crew vehicles and other payloads not intended for reentry.

Representative Engagements

MW JONES & COMPANY has supported a wide range of client engagements across the Aerospace industry, including:

Developed and implemented an international expansion plan for a major OEM supplier of commercial helicopters

Conducted market projections for passenger and freight demand for an international air carrier

Designed a cost repositioning strategy to improve the competitive cost position of a major international aftermarket service provider for commercial large-body aircraft

Designed and implemented a “Design for Affordability” (DfA) cost restructuring program to demonstrably reduce the cost envelope for a major OEM supplier of commercial space crew vehicles

Evaluated five-year trends in core and peripheral markets across the commercial space satellite value chain and developed a repositioning strategy for a commercial satellite OEM to improve competitive positioning

Some experience highlighted above is based upon work performed by the principals prior to establishing MW JONES & COMPANY INC