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U.S. Navy Headed for Innovative Surface Ship Acquisition
By Michael W. Jones and Mark B. Alter
February 9, 2018

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The U.S. Navy is accelerating the design and construction of a new frigate, the FFG(X). With an expected award in FY2020 there is not enough time for an entirely new design. To meet this aggressive acquisition timeline, the Navy is considering both domestic and international designs for its new surface combatant.

Minimizing Cost Overruns in Heavily Engineered First-of-Class Products
By Michael W. Jones, John Holmander, Jim Hughes, and Andrew Miller.
October 22, 2021

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Late design products are a significant driver of cost overruns in heavily engineered first-of-class products. These cost overruns typically are visible most prominently in the later stages of the program, after “easy” workarounds and management reserves have often been exhausted. When the cost increase becomes clear, it is too late to mitigate it: cost-minimizing practices must be present from the start. MW JONES & COMPANY has identified five simple steps that can help avoid these problems and keep a program on-track from the outset.

Changing Enterprise Culture is Crucial to Ensure Successful Parent Design Acquisition Strategies
By Michael W. Jones, Mark Lamarre and Mark B. Alter
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