MW JONES & COMPANY supports a wide range of engagements designed to provide strategy, competitive positioning and value-from-data to industrials clients. We have the requisite experience and industry knowledge to perform work throughout the stages of the value chain from raw materials to finished products across the segments within this market sector.

Chemicals –  We work with clients throughout the chemicals value chain including companies creating base chemicals, petrochemicals and industrial gasses, as well as the more complex specialty chemicals and value-add products derived from them.

Metals – We help companies to trace the metal supply chain from raw material to ingots, billets and shapes, all the way through finishing processes to completed and highly engineered precision parts.

Electronics –  We advise the electronics sub-sector of industrials assisting with operations ranging from small components to high-technology electronics and telecommunications manufacturing.

Industrial Manufacturing –  We assist industrial manufacturing companies on initiatives encompassing motors, industrial equipment and automated machines, to include robotics and additive manufacturing technologies.

Transportation – We work with automotive, rail and marine transportation systems providers on initiatives involving vehicles, rolling stock and vessels, and the associated supporting physical infrastructure and logistics providers’ networks.

Engineering & Construction – We assist companies that manufacture the building systems, transportation and utility components within the construction sector, but we also work with Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms that manage large-scale projects delivering finished infrastructure products.

Representative Engagements

MW JONES & COMPANY has supported a wide range of client engagements across the Industrials sector, including:

Conducted a post-merger integration for a global petrochemical enterprise that rolled up eight different companies without interruption to on-going operations

Designed and implemented a repositioning strategy for a major OEM supplier of enriched-uranium fuel used in commercial reactors, including the right-sizing of legacy technology and alternative capital funding mechanisms to bridge to next-generation fuel production technologies

Designed and implemented a digital aftermarket strategy for a major OEM supplier of industrial air compressors to increase market share from aftermarket service providers

Developed a market strategy for a communications product manufacturer, to include recommended alliance and joint venture partners

Evaluated an industrial manufacturer’s business strategy for a new product launch for predictive maintenance, assessed adoption rates and recommended design changes to the product to increase customer appeal

Contained rising commodity costs for a Tier 1 automotive supplier by establishing a framework for price negotiations and risk sharing

Restructured a global Class VIII truck manufacturer’s operations to reduce annual operating costs

Created market growth strategies for an EPC / infrastructure products company and screened potential acquisition targets

Some experience highlighted above is based upon work performed by the principals prior to establishing MW JONES & COMPANY INC