MW JONES & COMPANY supports a wide range of strategy engagements designed to provide market insight to boards of directors, executive leadership teams and private equity clients across the industries we serve. A sample of our strategy service offerings, includes:

Market Strategy – Analyze prospective demand in served markets to baseline relative position and deployed capabilities versus the competitive landscape to ascertain a client’s Right to Win strategy.

Portfolio Strategy – Evaluate individual business units to ascertain value-creation, return on invested capital, and competitive positioning against core competencies, competitors, technology evolution and alignment to strategic objectives.

Market Penetration Strategy – Develop a market-backed assessment of competitors and capabilities utilizing forward looking trends for consumer preference, technology and alternatives of choice to develop the necessary Right to Win strategy.

Technology Migration Strategy – Evaluate technology evolution and maturation rates to identify the discriminating processes and/or technologies required to secure and preserve a defensible market position.

Merger & Acquisition – Perform market viability assessments, target acquisition screening, target due diligence and pre-deal value creation planning to support acquisitions, mergers and/or joint ventures.

Representative Engagements

MW JONES & COMPANY principals have played leading roles in over 50 strategy engagements

Analyzed market trends, key competitors and buying patterns across the DoD and Intelligence markets for System Engineering and Integration (SE&I) roll-up

Analyzed commercial nuclear energy client’s portfolio of businesses, including core separative work unit (SWU) production, nuclear waste disposal, reselling and new technology deployment to ascertain best value creation strategies and alternative capital structure arrangements

Evaluated multiple engagements for clients interested in possible entry points into the U.S. DoD/Intel/DHS market space, e.g., helicopters, electro-optical sensors, UAVs, land combat vehicles, NCBR and virtual training

Analyzed commercial helicopter international market expansion opportunities, prioritized those options and developed strategic investment plans to successfully launch international sales into new markets

Analyzed high energy laser technology markets to ascertain the discriminating technologies necessary to migrate from a 1KW to a 100KW deployed directed-energy laser

Analyzed the UAV value-chain and key players to discern competitive positioning, value creation opportunities and investment criteria for technology acquisitions to move beyond core markets

Advised on the U.S. military ship building industrial base and developed acquisition framework and target screening of major players to discern best value targets

Principals have supported several private equity firms on more than 50 acquisition deal teams

Some experience highlighted above is based upon work performed by the principals prior to establishing MW JONES & COMPANY INC